Well Inspection & Interesting find today

We have had a well inspection to do today and also came across an interesting find while looking at a neighbours well. Is it actually a well. Extremely well built brick arches and brick built walls. All under the ground outside the property. We did not expect to be finding such a hidden gem however Read More

Dug Water Well Inspection inc Geology

This video is to show case the geology more then our work. We have edited out our work otherwise it would have been a long video. You can see what the well was like at the beginning and at the end where it has been cleared of all the debris. The well was located within Read More

Hand Dug Water Well Sample/Display model

OK yes I have been bored over the holiday season. Although not an accurate depiction of a well system, hydrology or the geology and the builder was no master brick layer at least it kept me busy for a few hours and kids loved helping. Below ground the well bricks are not usually mortared but Read More

A few well cleans already booked for new year.

We have a few well cleans already booked for next year including specifying and installing filtration to one as the client would like to use it for all their water usage. Well toys will also be a big part of next year with some great customizations to them. Yes I know the big kid in Read More

Hand Dug Well Cleaning And Inspecting Video

Inspecting a vintage hand dug well with an impressive aquifer. Then cleaning to remove sediment build up. Read More

Water Well Toys From Well Masters

We have a new product for our shop which will soon be online. It is a toy well of all things. It is made using small clay bricks and a water based mortar. It is safe for all ages from 6+. If your not happy with what you have made simply soak the whole thing Read More

We Wish You A Happy Christmas And A Happy New Year

We would like to wish you all a great Christmas and a very happy new year from all of us here at well masters Read More

Check out our hand well dig preview video. Days into seconds.

While not having time to fully complete the full video over the Christmas period we thought it best to get a preview short video of the full 21st century well dig video online for you all to see . It is a few days put into a few seconds so please enjoy. Read More

21st Century Hand Dug Well Now Complete

After some hard digging we finally made it down and sunk a well. The well has a yield of 20ltrs per min on average and we are all very happy with it. The standing water if left over night is a little less then 3.5meters deep so 3.5 tons of water available on a daily Read More

Well Masters Well Lighting Video

We have made a small video to show everyone some of our light systems that we have installed into wells. They are remote control and colour changing, they are capable of many different modes. We can also install standard white lights for a nice and simple yet very effective lighting of your hand dug well. Read More

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