Brick Lined Hand Dug Well In Driveway

Following from the other day a client of ours had a well within their driveway which they wished to have cleaned and a pump installed to allow usage of the water for irrigation.

We successfully completed the well clean which took a little longer then we anticipated but wells are always full of surprises!

We took the well down around another meter in depth removing a lot of builders rubble and “lovely” clay. The bricks certainly needed cleaning and then we installed a pump system which allows the client to use the water for irrigation and possibly at a future date all water usage once a water test has been carried out and filtration specified.

The client will be building up the brick surround and installing a glass capping to the top.

Here is a few before and after shots and a video for the client themselves to see the water dripping in. A fair production rate for a well that has not been used for many, many years.

SAM_0951 SAM_0953 SAM_1248 at the bottom of the wellSAM_1258 SAM_1262