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Recent updates

Updates have been few and far between. We will now be able to start keeping everyone up to date again with our recent works. Read More

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year

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Blasting & Digging A New Well

No school like old skool when it comes to digging a well through rock. Blasting the rock was the only efficient way to continue sinking the well. Modern drills and breakers were struggling. We picked up on the Corallian sands aquifer within the Thames basin. We had to make a rather large sump and sand Read More

Happy Christmas

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We have many updates on the way.

We have been extremely busy and will have many updates to come on the blog. They will not be in order but at least it will give a good idea of just how busy we have been and will allow you to come down many wells with us without getting cold, wet or dirty. Lots Read More

Please Watch Our New Promotional Video

Our first advert/promo video. This video gives a small insight into our services and some of our past and current works. Read More

Flint Knapping & Lime Course Today

We went and done a great course today with #flintman David Smith and I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in English Heritage, Conservation, Saving some historic buildings/structures and also renewing long dwindling knowledge. There was plenty to learn including dating walls and finding out which materials are best to use to restore or Read More

Well Masters Old Stationary Engine

This is our stationary engine which we use to test our belt driven well water pumps. It is a 1938 Ruston and Hornsby 2 1/2hp APR model. Read More

Hand Dug Water Well Sample/Display model

OK yes I have been bored over the holiday season. Although not an accurate depiction of a well system, hydrology or the geology and the builder was no master brick layer at least it kept me busy for a few hours and kids loved helping. Below ground the well bricks are not usually mortared but Read More

Water Well Toys From Well Masters

We have a new product for our shop which will soon be online. It is a toy well of all things. It is made using small clay bricks and a water based mortar. It is safe for all ages from 6+. If your not happy with what you have made simply soak the whole thing Read More

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