Well cleaning for a new building.

This well was to be cleaned ready for the well to be a feature within a new building which is fast being built.

We saw this well back at the beginning of 2014. It has taken this long for all the building permissions etc to come through and has taken less then 5 weeks to have had its foundations and walls built up to DPC (damp proof coarse) ready for concrete floors to be poured. The property is to be a semi – detached with their own garages which again have their foundations and first layers built. The builders have worked extremely fast but the quality extremely good with attention to detail top of the list.

The well will be incorporated within the floor of a lounge so it had to be made clean and tidy ready for the floor to be laid and when complete a light system and glass top fitted.

The video below is for the client to be able to see down inside the well.