Dug Well In Garden. Cleaned

Completed another well clean yesterday. Removed the old rusted pipe work and cleaned the walls down.

The brick lining was a few meters in depth rested straight on to Wadhurst Clay Formation Rock. The rock continued another 5 meters.

At the bottom once we pumped all the water out of the well we found a major aquifer. We used 2 pumps to bring the level down and then with one pump we were able to just keep on top of the incoming spring flow. With a meter we worked out it was incoming at 14 liters in 35 seconds. That is a very good water flow from a hand dug well.

The next stage will be installing a hand water pump to fill an old trough.

clean well

cleaning a well


well top

top of well

trough water well

well head and trough

trough removed

well head with trough removed

old rusty pipein well

garden well old pipe removed

well water cleaned brick lining

well walls cleaned