Electric Pumps

On-Off Water Pumps

These types of well pumps can deliver a little or a lot in term of litres per minute and that will mainly depend on what you wish to use the water for. The term on-off is giving because you physically need to turn a switch on to turn the pump on and vice versus with turning it off. These are cheaper then a constant pressure pump however are not very convenient. They cannot pump against a dead end (closed tap for example) as this will burn the pump out. You will need to have the tap open and whatever is at the end of the hosepipe open also before turning the pump on.

These types of well water pumps can be used if you want to have a large irrigation system or if you want to supply a house with the water. They can then be controlled with a pressure vessel and pressure switch which will turn the pump on and off at certain pressures so not to damage the pump. There is additional costs to this which may make you look at a constant pressure pump system.

Constant Pressure Pumps

Constant Pressure water pumps are the very latest in pump technology and bring pumps in line with the 21st century. They have all sorts of sensors built into them. Now you may think this is bad news, we thought the same (more sensors means more to go wrong) but considering we have installed way more then 300 of these types of water pumps in the last 7 years and only had a problem with one of them that is testament to how rugged these really are. They are simply an on-off pump with a few sensors built in for its protection. All of these sensors are available for the on-off pumps but as additions, are expensive and cumbersome items which attach externally.

The pump is installed at the bottom of your well and once connected to the electric does a few checks before turning on. Once it is turned on it will pressurise the system and once it is up to the required pressure will automatically turn off. When you open a tap as you would normally the pump senses the pressure change and turns on. Close the tap the pump senses the pressure going up and turns off. If the water in your well drops and the pump is exposed the pumps have built in dry run protection which will check to see if it is under the water. If it is not then the pump will turn off and try again in 15 minutes. If still not it will try again in 30 minutes and that doubles until water is returned and the pump then knows it is safe to turn back on. The pumps also have motor protection built in and if it gets too hot or starts to pull too many volts and amps the pump will turn off automatically. This type of pump is the best to use if you want the simplicity of using your well water as you would normal mains water, if you have a large irrigation system or require a good pressure over a long distance, they are also perfect for whole house systems which are the most common application to using your well.

These pumps are good value for money, last many years and require little or no maintenance. What you get is an entire pump system built in to a small pump.

Booster pumps

– 21st century type

If you have a system in place which usually pumps to a tank or you find the pressure is very low then a booster water pump is needed to boost the pressure and flow rate around the system. These booster pumps are fitted in-line to your system and pump the water up to a set pressure.

– Original well type

These are old pumps which sit on oak beams within your well, they contain lead weights and leather seals which can wear and require replacement. We can ensure these are replaced and the well booster pump is working perfectly.

Your Requirements

Please contact us with your requirements and we will advise you on the pump best for you or will give you options and advice for you to choose. We can supply and install pumps from all manufacturers, we can get spares for all common water pump manufacturers and we can replace like for like to save additional equipment costs.