Q & A’s

This is a Questions and Answers page for the most commonly asked questions regarding wells

Q: I have uncovered a well, I have found a filled in well, I have found a covered well, I have unearthed a well, I have found a well, where do I start?

A: If you have found a well in your driveway, garden, house, land and many other usually inconvenient places then please contact us as soon as you can and we will be able to help and advise you on the best possible course of action. The course of action usually depends on what you would prefer to do or if you have already made your mind up with what to do with it but just want some help doing it then we are here to help.

Q: What do I do? what can I do? what should I do? what shouldn’t I do?

A: First thing to do is make it safe and the surrounding area safe for both you, builders, children and animals. Making the top and surroundings of an recently uncovered well safe will enable you to study and look at the condition of the well much easier and safer then just leaning over it while standing on a loose gravel around the top as an example. A good way to make the top safe if to lay scaffold boards over the well (scaffold boards must be of standard size usually 36mm thick by 225mm wide and come in numerous lengths) ensuring the scaffold boards are good and strong.

Call or email us and ask for some advice, we do not bite so you do not have to buy anything to get advice, we would prefer you were safe and done the best for the well then just fill it and leave it.

You can do almost anything with the well. We can clean it our if it has been filled in, help uncover the well fully, install a small pump system for watering the garden, install a large pump system for using the water for grey water and can also install complete water filtration to allow you to use the water for all your water needs. That means no more water bills, no more hose pipe bans and natural mineral water.  To top the well off if you do want to use it or even if you do not we can install lights, glass tops, nice iron grill or even a well cover of concrete.

You should not just leave the well uncovered, even if it is in a garden, private property or building site, If some one falls in (even if they are a burglar or trespasser) then they could be seriously injured or worse and it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of the top of the well.

We would also not suggest you fill it in without first talking to us. We would not try to talk you out of it, we would simply advise you on the best way to fill the well in that will ensure it is safe in the future.