Flint Knapping & Lime Course Today

We went and done a great course today with #flintman David Smith and I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in English Heritage, Conservation, Saving some historic buildings/structures and also renewing long dwindling knowledge.

There was plenty to learn including dating walls and finding out which materials are best to use to restore or repair structures and buildings built with flint.

We had a great opportunity to also have a go at flint knapping while getting one to one tuition to learn the best ways to knap.

We had also got a fair amount of time learning how to build a flint wall including cavity filling.

To top it all off there was plenty of tea/coffee and also a lovely lunch.

A great day all round and for anyone interested please do contact David who can advise you more. There is a website for Flintman which can be found at www.flintman.co.uk

David Smith of Flintman is the man to go to for any flint work and is certainly a master builder with flint and limes.