Its Colder then a well diggers arse. – Although I have read many versions of why and how the quote came about unfortunately not one of the theories came from an actual well digger and so are incorrect. When digging a well or in fact when restoring or cleaning a well you will always end up with a cold bum. Down near the bottom or usually just after a few meters from the top water enters the well and slowly trickles down the side of the well walls. The well being on average 100cm wide you find when bending down your bum touches the side of the wall pretty much most of the time. This bending, touching the wall sides and the water dripping down the wall sides inevitably gets your bum wet which turns it cold. The rest of you is warm as the air temperature usually stays around a constant 12C all year round and your digging away. It takes hours to get your bum warm again. Its certainly not a perk of the job!

Some lines which we have heard and hear on every job. They never get old so go ahead. I will add some more when I remember them also.

“Well, Well, Well”

“That is Well deep”

“I hope you are Well”

“Oh Well”

“Well Ill be damned..”

“Well oiled”

“You look Well”

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