Lifting & Cutting Old Well & Borehole Pipe Work

We have an interesting job on at the moment. We first went to see the well which had all its old pumping equipment still in place minus the old wind pump which has long gone except the bottom tower stands.

On measuring the well it only had 1 foot of water which seemed very strange with such large pipe work and big equipment. After a little inspection there is actually a drilled borehole within the well. The well was hand dug and lined with bricks. The hand dug part is 20 meters deep and the borehole is drilled a further 60 meters. There was obviously a drought many years ago and instead of having the well dug deeper they opted to have a borehole drilled within the well.

So we have 80 meters of 2″ thick pipe work to remove to allow us to re-use the borehole. The weight is certainly on the large side but we are bringing the pipe work up nicely.

We will clean the well once the pipe work has been removed and also install a borehole pump within the borehole to allow the client to irrigate there gardens with.

This was a Duke and Ockendon installation

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