Well Cleaning

Cleaning A Well

Well Cleaning can mean you wash the well top off to getting down the bottom and cleaning the silt and debris away. We will list just some of them below.

No matter how bad your well is we can clean the top cap or cover to ensure it is fully safe and nothing has corroded. We would do this attached to our safety equipment because we have come across plenty of covers that look great on the outside but on the inside they were corroded so badly all it would have taken was for someone to stand on it and they would have been down the well.

Well walls can over time become clogged and look terrible, We can descend into your well using our safety equipment and clean the walls bringing them back to looking brand new. Below is some before and after shots of the wall cleaning we can offer.

Wooden beams can be a good place for resting silt and debris and if you want to use your well for a feature that can be very off putting. We can clear all the wooden beams within the well and ensure they are safe and secure. They are usually a good place for booster pumps to be mounted so if yours is not currently working we can check to make sure the leather seals and gaskets are all ok within the lift and force well pump.

Well floors are an important part of a well structure, if they are silted up this can cause the well to stop working and the recovery rate of the water within the well will become extremely slow. If things such as vegetation fall in and decays this will contaminate the water giving off an oily surface and very bad smell. That is just an example of the things that can contaminate the water and slow the flow rate down.

Completely filled in well’s are one of the most common cleans we are currently doing. Many years ago when mains water was connected to nearly every household in the UK well’s were seen as dangerous holes in the ground and also free skips for those not wanting to re-use them again. This does not help you if you want to re-use the well in your garden. We use our specialist equipment to dig out the well and get it back to working order. There has only been one in 200+ wells that we have dug out that we could not get back to working order. That was only because we were able to find another well and found it was 32 Meters deep. We were at 10 meters after 4 days so you can imagine how long that would have taken. So we capped the bottom and created a fake well for decoration purposes only. All our other well cleans have been more then successful and the owners are using the well water for irrigating the garden to drinking and using the well water for all their water usage.

Cleaning a filled in well can be extremely dangerous and must be done by us or someone with the correct experience, training and safety equipment. When wells were filled in, the person doing the filling was not really paying attention to making sure the well was filled in correctly, so over the years voids are created and these can collapse without warning. If you are down your well on a ladder or have a bit of rope around your waist you are probably in a more dangerous position then on top of a building. Do Not Do This At Home, It is not a DIY project. Call or contact us for some advice.

Cleaning and maintenance of a well and its accessories needs to be done, please visit the well maintenance page HERE for more information.

We can clean and maintain well glass covers, well lights, change bulbs and re-position them along with any pipe work or pump maintenance.

Something else we can do is add, replace and clean any lights you may already have down your well. If a light bulb goes the last thing you want to do is be dangling over your well in a dangerous position so we can come in and replace the light or bulb for you. We keep specialist low heat lights in stock. We even have remote control colour changing lights so please contact us for more information regarding well lights.If you have a glass cover and need to clean it we can lift the glass for you and / or clean it too. Sometimes condensation can cause havoc with glass well covers so we can help with that too in many different ways.