Well Diggers

Well diggers are some of the most forgotten people in history. They were one of the most “well” known trades for hundreds, if not thousands of years yet today there is hardly any left and certainly hardly ever spoken about.

If you did not have water you could not survive.

If you did not have water you could not build a house, drink, water the veggies, water the horses or cattle, bath, wash cloths or cook !

Well diggers were the first on site and sometimes the location of a well depicted where the house would be built.

Well diggers today are few and far between and many confuse a well digger with a well driller. Completely wrong considering it is in the name. Not even google can figure that out!

A well driller, drills.

A well digger, digs.

Well diggers in the UK make up just a very few. There are many who claim to “know about wells” and may be able to build a well top or chuck a pump down a well but it is just not as easy as that. The top of a well can move, pumps can run dry and burn out, wells can also run dry and be damaged by doing so.

A true well digger will be able to explain the full workings of a well and most of that is passed down through generations or by a lot of experience of digging wells. We have the benefit of both.