Well Glass Covers

Well Masters are the UK’s leading well restoration specialists that offer a complete service from well cleaning to glass well covers and light installations.

The modern alternative to the traditional well top is to have lights installed into the well and then a glass cover over the top. Glass well caps are great for both indoors and outdoors.

Glass well covers and tops are the best way to enhance the well head for both practical and safety aspects of the well plus also add a huge safety aspect to the well.

Not only do glass well covers look amazing they are also extremely safe. On average the glass has 3x 10mm thick laminated toughened glass layers all bonded together forming an extremely strong glass well cover which can with stand a car driving on it. If the glass was to ever get damaged in anyway then only one layer would get damaged leaving the well still safe until maintenance could be carried out. Having said that glass covers last many many years.

A glass well top will also allow you to still use the well with the installation of our pump system which can be installed so it does not draw you from the beauty of the well. By using black pipe work, black rope, black cable, black fittings and some careful positioning, the look does not diminish from the character of the well.

Condensation can be a major problem with a glass well cover so please do not leave it for anyone to install please contact us because we have many, many years experience and can ensure your glass is condensation free forever. Once it is all installed it is usually impossible or extremely hard to put right so please contact us before contracting out to a builder or trying to install yourself because it will be a very expensive mistake and will look very ugly.

There is no such thing as anti-condensation glass when it comes to a well and a glass well cover. A well is a constant temperature where as outside air changes all the time so no matter what you do to treat the glass you will get condensation if you do not follow some basic installation proceedures.

If it is too late and you have already had the glass installed and you are getting bad condensation please contact us for advice on rectifying the problem.

Below is an example of us attending a site and visiting a customer who had a glass cover supplied and installed by someone else but the glass was always condensating despite them paying extra for an “anti-condensation” film, so we were called to fix it. Luckily it was not in the middle of the patio so it was a fairly straight forward undertaking.

Lighting a well can be a very important part of well ownership and with a glass well head the well can be transformed. We can supply and install numerous types of lights from a festoon type, spot lights installed at intervals within the well and also flood lights which can light up a larger area but give the effect of depth when it fades into the dark.  We only install LED lights to save on the extra maintenance costs of replacing bulbs unless you prefer halogen ones, you come first so please do let us know. We have installed many colour changing and remote controlled lighting systems for that extra “bling” and it is very effective, not only do they change colour but they can do white too. Please contact us for options and do not forget to visit our well lighting page.

Well cleaning is an important stage in fitting a glass cover to your old hand dug well. We can clean and scrub down the walls, remove any old metal, wood or pipe work along with other foreign objects which have fallen down the well to bring the well back alive and look amazing to look at. Just see the difference a clean makes to the walls.

Not only all that above….. it is amazing, being able to stand at the top of a well while looking down it if not a little scary too.

All our glass is “Made In England” so you can be assured of its quality.

Here below is just a small hand full of examples of finished well glass covers.

well glass one