21st Century Hand Dug Well Now Complete

After some hard digging we finally made it down and sunk a well. The well has a yield of 20ltrs per min on average and we are all very happy with it. The standing water if left over night is a little less then 3.5meters deep so 3.5 tons of water available on a daily basis.

For a lovely cottage this really is the finishing touch.

The client has a reconditioned vintage well hand water pump situated next to the well so this will now enable them to draw the water direct from the well for watering the garden.

They also wish to use the water within the house for all their water usage so we have taken a water sample to enable us to specify water filtration for them.

The top finish is yet to be complete but the client is wishing to use stone around the top and a nice wrought iron well top grill.

The steps have also been painted to keep the brightly coloured steps at bay and we have lined the well to stop any ground surface water contamination.

well full of water

Full of water

hand dug well next to antique well pump

Hand dug by us with hand pump next to freshly dug well by us

hand dug well emptied of water

hand dug well emptied of water

hand dug well with painted steps and emptied of water

hand dug well emptied of water with finished bottom and painted steps