Hand Dug Water Well Sample/Display model

OK yes I have been bored over the holiday season.

Although not an accurate depiction of a well system, hydrology or the geology and the builder was no master brick layer at least it kept me busy for a few hours and kids loved helping.

Below ground the well bricks are not usually mortared but simply placed on top of each other but I had no alternative to keep it altogether. I will redo with a hot glue gun when I get a spare half hour next.

first stage the aquifer.

SAM_0387 SAM_0388 SAM_0385

second stage the usual elm or oak support beams to support a well pump or old pipe. lead or galvanized pipe.

SAM_0390 SAM_0392 SAM_0393

pump mount water well

pump mount for water well

last stage ground level and above ground level well head. I even have a bucket not shown.

ground level toy well

at ground level of well toy

toy water well

model display water well

model water well

display well

display model well